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New Paninonstick grill offers ‘everlasting’ non-stick cooking for easy cleaning and long life

The contact or sandwich grill continues to grow in popularity. And little wonder; it’s a quick, simple and healthy way of cooking a whole range of inexpensive but high-profit snacks, such as paninis and toasted sandwiches.

Now Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM) has launched the Paninonstick from Sirman, a contact grill design that overcomes some of the biggest drawbacks with conventional grills.

Sirman’s Paninonstick models are aimed directly at professional caterers who need long-term reliability as well as excellent cooking results. They feature a ’super coating’ of non-stick ceramic material that not only is very easy to clean after cooking, but is extremely tough and long-lasting. It won’t chip or peel, and should last as long as the unit itself. The grills are available in both single and double versions.

In addition, Paninonstick contact grills have been built to take the punishment meted out by fast, busy chefs. The grill plates are ribbed and made of cast iron for long life. This, together with the ceramic coating, makes it resistant to the acids and salt in food as well as oxidation (rust) that can affect lesser models. It also gives very high thermal conductivity, making it fast and efficient in turning power into actual cooking heat.

The body of the grill uses a stainless steel construction, while the upper plates are self-balancing at any angle. The double version has two discrete thermostats, allowing items to be cooked at different temperatures at the same time, and both single and double models have a built-in timer/alarm

Sirman, the Italian brand of professional foodservice equipment, is exclusively distributed in the UK and Ireland by Foodservice Equipment Marketing Ltd (FEM). In addition to contact grills the full Sirman range includes slicing machines, food processors, panini grills, vegetable preparation equipment, blast chillers, stick blenders and induction hobs.

FEM is a market leader in the sales, marketing and distribution of foodservice equipment products in the UK and Ireland. For more information call 01355 244111, email or see

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