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The TM TG is a new version of the well-known TM vegetable processor that thanks to a large feed hopper maximises the motor power and stong structure. It’s a versatile machine that is capable of preparing up to 220kg of fresh vegetables, fruit and more per hour. It’s very easy to load and the exclusive hopper design has no central chopping wedge.

The TM TG is ideal for processing soft products like mozzarella cheese due to the exclusive feeding system. It’s safe to use as the motor stops when the lever is lifted and the machine does not start if the cover is not in place. Complete with a heavy duty ventilated motor, this vegetable processor is built for continuous use. Made from aluminium alloy and stainless steel, its durable and strong and compactly designed to ensure that it’s easy to install inside every kitchen.

The TM TG Vegetable Processor is new to our Essentials catalogue this year. It’s available now and you can view it on our website.

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Food processors enable chefs to quickly chop, blitz and blend ingredients at the push of a button, saving the cost of buying in ready-prepared ingredients. The new Sirman Blitz food processor from Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM) is a durable bowl cutter that can withstand heavy-duty use in commercial kitchens.

Built to last, the Blitz food processor has a robust base-plate and bowl constructed from heat-resistant ABS. The polycarbonate lid features a feed opening, enabling the operator to easily add ingredients while the processor is working.

The Blitz’s compact 240 mm (w) x 240 mm (d) x 355 mm (h) counter-top design and simple push-button operation makes the food processor straightforward to operate and very user-friendly. It may be compact, but the 0.37 KW (0.5 Hp) motor turns the stainless steel cutting knife at 2800 rpm.

As well as the cutting knife, the food processor also comes with an ABS emulsifying knife, spatula and a 3.2 litre bowl, which can be easily removed for cleaning.

A number of safety functions protect both the user and the processor, such as interlock switches, which prevent the processor from starting if the lid and bowl are not fully locked into place, and a motor brake.

FEM is the main distributor of Sirman products in the UK and Ireland and supplies the Sirman Blitz food processor with a full 12 months parts and labour warranty.

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TC12 Denver Meat Mincer

In the light of recent events, trust between consumer and provider has been threatened, particularly with regards to the quality of meat and where it comes from. For many restaurants, minced meat is an integral part of the menu, from Italian Restaurants to traditional British pubs and American diners. Sirman’s new TC12 Denver Mincer from FEM offers a quick solution to producing homemade minced meat quickly and efficiently, giving users the chance to source their meat both ethically and freshly, calming any customer concerns.

There are many advantages to producing homemade mince. While the obvious factors include its better taste and freshness, the question of authenticity is also key, particularly since the discovery of horsemeat in certain supposedly beef products. By mincing meat manually, and on-site, the restaurant has complete control over what meat is being used, and therefore can assure customers the food on the menu has been ethically sourced, freshly and directly.

Sirman’s TC12 from FEM is ideal for commercial restaurants. Its durable design copes with heavy workloads and the wear and tear of service in commercial catering. The anodized aluminium body with ABS shockproof sides makes it both strong and secure, while its ventilated motor significantly minimises the risk of overheating during intensive work periods.

The mincer’s oil-bath gear box makes operation smooth, reliable and long-lasting. The machine also comes with a compartment for knives and plates, convenient for storage and easy to access, which is particularly useful during peak business hours.

While looks aren’t everything they can be important, especially if the unit is visible to customers. The TC12’s bright finished mouth and feeding worm, along with its smooth aluminium body, make it aesthetically pleasing and even stylish.

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Stromboli 2 Pizza Oven

Pizzas have become a popular family menu choice, but not everywhere has the space or the budget to install specialist wood- or gas-fired pizza ovens. Sirman’s electric pizza ovens, available from Foodservice Equipment Marketing, mimic the conditions of traditional pizza ovens at a fraction of the cost, bringing the possibility of serving authentic tasting pizzas within reach of smaller cafes and takeaways.

The Stromboli, Vulcano and Vesuvio have power ratings from 1.6 to 6kW. The Stomboli and Vesuvio have stone baked decks while the Vulcano has a refractory brick deck. The Stromboli 2 has two stacked ovens, and with a footprint of only 580 x 490mm it can cook four pizzas at a time while not taking up too much space. It is perfect for cafes,pubs and restaurants looking to introduce pizza onto the menu.

For those who regularly serve pizza the two-door Vulcano is especially suitable, as it can cook up to eight 9inch pizzas simultaneously. The top of the range Vesuvio, which can cook four pizzas, has two thermostats – one for the baking deck and one for the chamber. This gives the user total control over the cooking process, ensuring crisp bases and juicy toppings. Interior lighting and the Vesuvio’s glass door allows monitoring while cooking– a useful feature when trying new recipes.

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Paninis are a quick and simple way of adding variety to a lunch menu. Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM) has launched the PD VC Ceramic Panini Grill from Sirman, a reliable and energy saving double grill perfect for cafes and other lunch venues.

Sirman’s PD VC Panini Grill is aimed at caterers who need long-term reliability as well as excellent cooking results. The grill’s durable stainless steel construction and non-stick ceramic coating means it is easy to clean after cooking and is hard-wearing for a long service life.

What’s more, the PD VC uses approximately 35% less energy than a conventional Panini grill. The infrared elements, controlled by a thermostat, bring the cooking surface of the PD VC to its maximum temperature in significantly less time than traditional grills. The temperature of the grill surround is kept at around 10% lower than the grill itself, reducing energy consumption and creating a safer, more user-friendly working environment.

The Sirman PD VC also features a large front-mounted drip tray and is self balancing. FEM supplies the Sirman PD VC Panini Grill with a full one year parts and labour warranty.

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ALASKA ice crusher

Slush-type drinks, frappuccinos and cocktails are just some of the refreshing, cold drinks that are in increasingly hot demand. All can be made using crushed ice. Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM) has launched the new Sirman Alaska ice crusher, which produces large quantities of crushed ice fast.

The Sirman Alaska ice crusher allows users to crush ice to different sizes by simply adjusting the blade. The 150 watt motor rotates the blade at 750 rpm to quickly and efficiently crush the ice to the desired consistency. The crushed ice then falls into the unit’s large capacity ice hopper, or it can be used so that the ice falls directly into a glass or cocktail shaker.

Sturdy stainless steel and ABS construction makes the Alaska ice crusher durable, long-lasting and able to withstand the toughest of kitchen or back bar environments. Measuring 217 mm (w) x 324 mm (d) x 630mm (h) the crusher can easily fit behind the bar or in the kitchen.

Crushed ice can also be used for display purposes, such as on fish counters, and chefs often use it for rapid chilling or keeping food items cool.

FEM supply the Sirman Alaska ice crusher with a full 12- months parts and labour warranty.

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Pre-sliced and pre-packed meats are expensive and don’t always offer the best in flavour and freshness. Slicing fresh produce in house offers greater control over portion size, as well as maximising profit and reducing wastage. The new Sirman Anniversario Flywheel Olympic Slicer, available from Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM), produces perfect slices time after time. It looks great, too.

The Anniversario Flywheel slicer is a manual slicer, which gives the user the best control when slicing. The sharp 300mm blade cuts 0-3mm slices with great ease and precision, it’s superb for slicing paper thin slices of prosciutto and other meats.

The Anniversario Flywheel Slicer has a sleek and eye-catching vintage design, with stainless steel and silver anodized aluminium details. To show support for the upcoming 2012 Olympics FEM has a special royal blue Anniversario with Union Jack detailing.

Constructed from robust, polished and painted aluminium the Anniversario Flywheel Slicer can withstand the toughest of kitchen environments and is easy to keep hygienically clean. The slicer has removable parts and the mechanics are all hidden beneath the Sirman casing. This aids cleaning and helps ensure the slicer stays in optimum working condition.

The Anniversario Flywheel Olympic Slicer measures 855mm (w) x 625mm (d) x 590mm (h). FEM is the main distributor of Sirman products in the UK and Ireland and supplies the Anniversario slicer with a full 12 months parts and labour warranty.

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