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Food processors enable chefs to quickly chop, blitz and blend ingredients at the push of a button, saving the cost of buying in ready-prepared ingredients. The new Sirman Blitz food processor from Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM) is a durable bowl cutter that can withstand heavy-duty use in commercial kitchens.

Built to last, the Blitz food processor has a robust base-plate and bowl constructed from heat-resistant ABS. The polycarbonate lid features a feed opening, enabling the operator to easily add ingredients while the processor is working.

The Blitz’s compact 240 mm (w) x 240 mm (d) x 355 mm (h) counter-top design and simple push-button operation makes the food processor straightforward to operate and very user-friendly. It may be compact, but the 0.37 KW (0.5 Hp) motor turns the stainless steel cutting knife at 2800 rpm.

As well as the cutting knife, the food processor also comes with an ABS emulsifying knife, spatula and a 3.2 litre bowl, which can be easily removed for cleaning.

A number of safety functions protect both the user and the processor, such as interlock switches, which prevent the processor from starting if the lid and bowl are not fully locked into place, and a motor brake.

FEM is the main distributor of Sirman products in the UK and Ireland and supplies the Sirman Blitz food processor with a full 12 months parts and labour warranty.

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